Snickelfritz Partners Switch

September signals new beginnings. School has started and children are meeting each other for the first time or reconnecting with old classmates. This game is a good icebreaker or get-acquainted activity.

Indoor or outdoor space with boundaries.

How to Play:
1. Children find a partner and stand back-to-back.

2. The teacher or game leader calls out a body part and partners react quickly to touch the part mentioned. For example, the teacher might say, “Hands to Hands.” The partners turn around, face each other, and touch hands to hands.

3. When the teacher says another body part, the partners then put those body parts together (releasing the last round’s pairing.)

4. Other body parts the teacher could call out:

Shoulder to Shoulder, Knee to Knee, Hip to Hip, Ankle to Ankle, Elbow to Elbow, Knuckle to Knuckle, Wrist to Wrist, Toes to Toes, Side to Side.

5. Whenever the teacher or game leader says, “Snickelfritz Partners Switch!” all players must hurry and find a new partner that they haven’t already been paired with in the game. With the new partner, they stand back-to-back again, ready to listen. Play resumes with the teacher calling out different body parts.

6. Giving the command, “Snickelfritz Partners Switch!” frequently gives children a chance to interact with all members in the group as they have to find a different partner every time.

7. There is no right or wrong way to connect body parts to each other. Point out the different ways that partners completed the challenge.

8. The teacher may give the same command twice in a row to keep the players alert.

9. Avoid calls such as Head to Head, or Nose to Nose where kids are forced to share breathing space.

10. A fun way to end the game is to give the command, “Hug to Hug,” as teacher says, “Thanks for playing the game with me.”

11. Challenge older children to each touch different body parts as they are called out. For example, the teacher might say, “Ear to Knee.” One child will place his/her ear to the partner’s knee. Other commands may include:
Shoulder to Shoulder
Knee to Knee
Hip to Hip
Ankle to Ankle
Elbow to Elbow
Knuckle to Knuckle
Wrist to Wrist
Toes to Toes
Side to Side

Learning Outcomes/Goals:
1. Physical activity: Any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure
2. Listening skills: Ability to follow verbal directions
3. Tactile stimulation: Body learning from the sense of touch, skin contact and pressure
4. Body awareness: Knowing and understanding the whole body and its parts and function
5. Space awareness: Knowing where the body can and should move in relationship to other people in the play space
6. Shared space: All of the designated play space that can be used by everyone
7. Cooperative play: Games and activities that the participants play together rather than against one another

3 thoughts on “Snickelfritz Partners Switch

  1. I will use this game at my son's party for his birthday Oct 8. I love the ideas in your "Best Party Ever" book too. This is a really important bday for us. I won't go into history here, but we've moved recently and adjustment to 1st grade is tough. He's thrown a few fits at school, had trouble finding kids to play with even before then. The last couple family celebrations he's been way overexcited opening presents and just too wound up, far beyond normal, cute, happy levels.How can we have a party for his special day without ending up in his being over the top and alienating new friends he is just now meeting?Thanks!

  2. Let your son help in planning his birthday party.Talk to him about his expectations. It would be to his benefit to even have a "dress rehearsal" of what is going to happen. For example, first we do the Make 'n Take Activities (let him make some samples), then have the Get Together Time (let him pick out items for the What's Missing Game). Ask him if he would like to lead some the Games and Activities. Perhaps he wants to be first in the games or decide which piece of the cake is his. Remember to keep the party to two hours maximum and follow the party outline structure in the book. It really works! It's his special day, his birthday–make it THE BEST PARTY EVER!

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