Fruit Family Exercise Game

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! Being physically fit encompasses muscular strength and endurance (increases bone growth and fortifies bone density), cardiovascular endurance (exercises the heart) and flexibility (moving joints and muscles through their full range of motion). Spring into action with this cooperative group game that highlights healthy eating, produces endorphins, promotes physical fitness as well as moderate to vigorous physical activity. Be Fit, Be Happy, Be Healthy!

Fruit Family Exercise
Materials Needed: Available indoor or outdoor space
Music: CD player and CD

Let’s Get Started:
1. Children sit in a circle. Have children count off as an “apple,” “orange,“ and “banana.”
2. “Apples” stand up, leave the circle and scatter in the available space.
3. “Oranges” go and stand toe to toe with an “apple.”
4. “Bananas” go join an “apple/orange” pair to create a “Fruit Family” consisting of an “apple, orange and banana.”
5. When the music starts, apples will do an exercise of their choice (jumping jacks, jog in place, touch toes, etc.).
6. “Oranges” will count the number of completed exercises the “apples” do.
7. “Bananas” will be the “cheerleaders” and encourage the “apples” with actions and words to motivate and inspire by jumping up and down, arms in the air shouting “You can do it!” “You have the power!” “You have the energy!” “You GO!”
8. When the music stops, “oranges” tell the “apples” how many exercises they did, and “bananas” will give the “apples” a high five, pat on the back, round of applause or any other affirmation of their choice.
9. The game continues with the “oranges” exercising, “bananas” counting, and the “apples” cheerleading. When the music stops, the “bananas” tell the “oranges” the total amount of exercises completed, and the “apples” share in the celebrating with the oranges.
10. The game ends after the “bananas” exercise, “apples” count, and “oranges” cheer encouragement.

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