Celebrate Spring and “New Life”

What to do with all those plastic eggs that the children found on their recent egg hunts? Give each child an empty plastic egg and send them outside!

Sharron New Life 1

Just like a new chick hatches out of an egg and is “new” to the world…invite the children to use all their senses to discover the signs of “new life” that spring has brought us and place them in their empty egg.

Sharron New Life 2

Birds are singing, butterflies arrive, ants are building new nests, leaves bud, trees turn green, earthworms migrate, flowers bloom, ladybugs take flight, and dandelions abound. The birds, bees and plants tells us that spring has arrived and is popping up all around in the great outdoors.

Sharron New Life 3

The children will love hunting and finding something with “new life.” And of course, asking you to guess what is inside their egg, sharing their “find” with a friend, and even perhaps drawing a picture or writing/dictating a story about their new discovery. If an insect or animal was captured, remind the children to return it to its natural habitat. I hope my granddaughter, Jill, doesn’t forget to do that with her worm…

Sharron New Life 4

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